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BET9九卅娱乐会员登录 大北农国际集团面向全球联合引进农业高端人才发布内容

BET9九卅娱乐会员登录 大北农国际集团



Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences  Da Bei Nong International Group

Information Conference on Joint Recruitment of Global Agricultural High-end Talents



In order to further implement the strategy of strengthening the country with talents in the new era and promote the deep integration of industry, education and research, Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences(HAAS) and Da Bei Nong International Group have jointly build the global agricultural talent and scientific and technological innovation highland, giving full play to the platform and innovation advantages of HAAS and the capital and industrial advantages of Da Bei Nong International Group.




In answering the “Four-pronged Comprehensive Strategy” and the policy of "60 Items for the Revitalization of Longjiang Talents in the New Era", HAAS and Da Bei Nong International Group have jointly introduced high-end agricultural talents at home and abroad, aiming to shoulder the important task of "ballast" for the national food security, strive to be the vanguard of national agricultural modernization, create a pioneer in practicing the concept of "grater food".

Now we are introducing high-end agricultural talents all over the world, which is also to promote the "Longjiang Ten Year Double Hundred Billion Plan" initiated by Da Bei Nong International Group and "Four Agriculture" Project of Heilongjiang Province.





1.The Research fields

We focus on basic application research, core and key technology research, product research and development and industrial application research. The main research fields are as follows:

Planting industry (corn, rice, soybean, gardening, potato, cash crop, edible fungus etc);

Animal husbandry (Pig, cattle, sheep and poultry);

Agricultural product processing;

Digital agriculture and other industries.






2. Talent Category and Treatments


  1. Full time work


  1. Level 1 (1-3 people): National outstanding talents who serve as professors, researchers or equivalent positions in domestic and foreign universities or scientific research institutions, can take the lead in their research field.


    During the employment period, the annual salary is 2 to 3 million yuan, the research start-up fund is 10 to 20 million yuan, and the relocation subsidy is 4.5 to 5 million yuan.







    b. Level 2 (2-5 people): National leading talents with broad academic vision and innovative thinking, recognized academic performance and ability, and strong innovative development potential.


    During the employment period, the annual salary is 1 to 1.5 million yuan, the research start-up fund is 6 to 8 million yuan, and the relocation subsidy is 2.5 to 3 million yuan.


  1. 第三层次:取得同行专家认可的学术成果,具有成为该领域学术带头人或杰出人才发展潜力的中青年拔尖人才,原则上年龄不超过50周岁计划引进10人左右



    c. Level 3(10 people): Young and middle-aged(under 50 years old) top talents who have recognized by peers and have the potential to become academic leaders or outstanding talents.

    During the employment period, the annual salary is 0.6 to 0.8 million yuan, the research start-up fund is 3 to 5 million yuan, and the relocation subsidy is 1.5 million yuan.





d. Level 4(15 people): Outstanding young talents(under 45 years old ) who have high prestige in agricultural industry development and technological innovation and can lead the development of related industries, such as scientists of national industrial technology system , chief scientist of provincial industrial technology system , or other talents with equivalent conditions.

During the employment period, the annual salary is 0.4 to 0.5 million yuan, the research startup fund is 1 to 2 million yuan, and the relocation subsidy is 0.6 to 0.8 million yuan.





e. Level 5(20 people): Doctor (within 3 years after graduation) , under 35 years old. Overseas doctoral candidates should generally obtain formal teaching or research positions in overseas universities, research institutions, and enterprise research and development departments. Age requirements can be appropriately relaxed for talents with outstanding performance.


During the employment period, the annual salary is 150000to 300000 yuan, the research start-up fund is 0.3 to 0.8 million yuan, and the relocation subsidy is 300000 to 500000 yuan.




2Flexible positions30 people

Level 1: The annual salary is 300000 yuan

Level 2: The annual salary is 120000 yuan

For making significant contributions to discipline and platform construction, project and award application, and achievement transformation, an additional reward of 50000 to 200000 yuan will be given at one time.







3. Other matters


(1). The annual salary standard of talents shall refer to the universities and institutions at home and abroad, and formal contracts shall be signed.

(2). HAAS and  Da Bei Nong International Group shall provide a comprehensive scientific research platform, experimental equipment, team members and other requirements.

(3). The talents shall be employed by HAAS, and the scientific research and innovation work shall carry out according to the needs of industrial development of  Da Bei Nong International Group as well as the national major scientific and technological strategies.


联系人:陈磊 汪博




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